Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Grassroots Movement is Growing!

As chief legislative liaison on behalf of the National Council for Sofas and Couches, I am passionate about my beliefs that chairs and stools have been a veritable menace to our society. For years now, I have presented this case to Congress, the President, and all 50 of our country's state legislatures. Thank goodness most of our elected officials have seen the light, and have recognized the wisdom of providing much-needed funding for research and development of new and innovative couch, sofa, and even recliner technologies.

Now ordinary citizens are seeing the light, taking responsibility, and letting their voices be heard .... in the "blogs" - osphere!

Take the young "blogger" going by the moniker "Matty Lite." In two recent "blogs", "I don't want to sit in a chair" and "man, fuck chairs," Mr. Lite lays out not only the practical case against chair and chair-like instruments (such as stools), but also the moral case against these wicked pieces of furniture.

This, my friends, is a most promising development indeed. Only with a truly active, educated, and passionate citizenry making their voices heard across the land and in the halls of our elected leaders can we finally rid our great land of the menace of chairs and chair-like intruments (such as stools).

Hats-off and Bravo, Mr. Lite!